KCSS is located on the campus of California State University, Stanislaus

One University Circle

Turlock, CA 95382

Our Request line: (209) 667-3900


For questions regarding general station activities and formatting:

Clay Hobbs

Station Manager

(209) 667-3903

For questions or suggestions for our events, underwriting, and merchandise:

Sandi Amaral

Promotions Director

(209) 667-3385

For questions or suggestions regarding California State University, Stanislaus related events or announcements:

Darris Bishel

Campus Representative

(209) 667-3385

For information on how to get your band played on our airwaves:

Mary Garcia

ModRock/RPM/Loud Rock Music Director

(209) 667-3378


Nicole Dunlap

Reggae/FAT/Blues/Jazz Music Director

(209) 667-3378

For questions regarding our Podcast:

Garrett Neeley

Productions Director

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