Summer Staff Hours are posted!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable summer break. And in case you have any questions or want to walk in to talk to a KCSS staff member. Make sure to check out the ‘Summer staff schedule’ to plan accordingly. Located at the bottom of the main page.

Can’t find the link to listen to KCSS online?

Don’t worry, KCSS will go through several updates over the next couple of weeks. So I will continually update this blog with info and news on what is updated. Currently we have two links on the main page a ‘Live Stream’ link directly under the slideshow and ‘Listen’ button directly under the page section. If you decide to explore the rest of the site first, there is now a drop down bar that will direct you to the 91.9 stream. The ‘Listener Corner’ page will have the schedule for KCSS broadcasts and in the near future a way to connect to the custom shows bio. Hope this helps and feel free to ask questions, I will post the question (anonymously) and answer it on the blog just in case others have the same question.