Meet the Broadcasters!

Welcome! Here is where you can get to know your favorite DJs. Who knows, you might find other DJs that you want to listen to.


DJ Siren

First Semester Student, Brandi Pettes

Age: 21

Show Genre/Time: Reggae , Friday 12pm-3pm

Major/Minor: Psychology, Minor: Journalism 

Q: Why do you love KCSS?

A: I love that KCSS gives students the opportunity to showcase his/hers broadcasting skills on air.

Q: Why do you love being a Broadcaster? 

A: I love being a broadcaster because I get the opportunity to interact with KCSS listeners and share non-commercial music with them. If you like the melodic rhythms of reggae be sure to listen to my on Fridays! 

DJ Romeo

Volunteer, Romeo Mora

Age: 30

Show Genre/Time: Modern Rock, Wednesdays 1pm-3pm

Q: Why do you love KCSS?

A: KCSS brings a breath of fresh air that breaks up the monotony of the stations playing the same songs and offers a diverse selection of new bands and artists. The station cultivates an environment where broadcasters can play lesser known artists or play songs from well-established musicians that do not get airplay. And most importantly, KCSS supports our local artists giving them a platform to get their music out there.

Q: Why do you love being a Broadcaster?

A: Grow up in the Bay Area, several local radio stations influenced my musical tastes that allowed me to discover bands like Green Day, Nirvana and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. KCSS allows me to fulfill my nostalgic need to recapture my youth while indulging in some of my current obsessions with recent artists. I hope that my show will allow listeners to rediscover old acts they might have forgotten or find a new crop of bands not being played on the other stations.

DJ Sleepy John

Volunteer, John C.

Age: It’s just a number and I normally avoid it – unless, of course, it applies to getting discounts at the movies, restaurants and / or carnival rides...besides, I've been told I never act it anyway.

Show Genre/Time: ‘Left Of The Dial’ (Wednesday afternoons, 3-6PM Pacific time) - A collection of Rock & Roll, Americana, Blues, R&B, Soul and quite a bit more. It’s familiar artists playing unfamiliar songs or vice versa or...actually, the goal is to keep it musically interesting!

Occupation: Retired – though I’m also doing Outside Inside Sales (that means I’m working from home!) for my previous employer...that computer came in handy after all!

Q: Why do you love KCSS?

A: It’s a station that’s interested in the community and it’s reflected by the talents of those on the air. All the hosts have something to offer through their interests in music and KCSS gives them the forum to bring those interests out both over the air and through the internet. Thanks!

Q: Why do you love being a Broadcaster?

A: Broadcasting was a career path I chose many years ago. While I eventually lost interest due to radio’s commercialization, COMMUNITY radio brought that interest back to me about five years ago. Relocating to the area and finding KCSS was a great discovery for me and one that’s allowed me an outlet for my musical energies.

DJ Stormy Phoenix

Volunteer, Jisselle Fernanadez

Age: 20 (but looks 15?)

Show Genre/Time: Modern Rock, Fridays 3pm-6pm

Major: Communications

Q: Why do you love KCSS?

A: I love KCSS because it truly is"The Valley's Alternative". It's all about the music at KCSS with no commercials! KCSS plays multi-genres of music that draws its listeners. KCSS really cares for their audiences and staff. It is an enjoyable atmosphere to volunteer at and be involved. 

Q: Why do you love being a Broadcaster?

A: I love being a broadcaster because I love to talk! It's a pleasure to interact with audiences by listening to music with them. I get to express myself through music and share the music I appreciate. I believe I have awesome taste in music, hence why I want to spread my music from ear to ear. As a broadcaster, I now have an excuse to talk to myself :)

DJ "Pete" Peterson

Volunteer, Harold Peterson

Age: 79

Show Time: Swing Bands Play every Wednesday from 10am-12pm. 

Occupation: Real Estate 

Q: Why do you love KCSS?

A: It's given me a chance to expose other people to the music I love.

About Harold:

"I started listening to the music of the Swing era when I was about 11 years old and preferred the Swing bands over the Hotel or Sweet bands. In high school I was the nerd who liked swing over Rock & Roll. When I was about 45 I was asked to do a show featuring Jazz and swing at KUOP. I ended up doing it for about 18 years at KUOP but I finally had to give it up. Last year I approached KCSS to do a program to feature the music I love and they agreed to train me..."

"I like Swing from 1935 to 1945. That's the Swing era. Swing is not the music of this era, but it hasn't died. The music I play is not on the air anymore, and that's a shame. I like to go to Jazz concerts in Sacramento and love all the different kinds of Jazz they play. I'll go listen to 1920s Jazz as well. Put it into perspective, it's not going to sound like Glenn Miller, it is more traditional Jazz."

"I play musicians music. A lot of my listeners were musicians. Tune in and I think you will enjoy."

- Harold Peterson.

DJ Blue-J

Volunteer, Darrell the "Blue-J" Angle

Age: 67

Show Time: The Hump-day Blues 8:30pm-11pm Wednesday's.

Features segments called - The "Blues News" Blue-J talks about concerts & events. The Retro Ride - Old Rock Vinyls. Blues Rescue - Old Blues Vinyls.

Occupation: Retired. Harley riding record collector

Q: Why do you love KCSS?

A: I have been a Blues Jock for 20 years. No commercials. I play what I like. Just have a Blues Party every week. I get to meet interesting students, volunteers, and listeners.

Q: Why do you love being a Broadcaster?

A: This venue allows me to express my personal love for all music, especially Blues. I have many listeners, friends and family that listen every week, for years. It's a great way to keep the music alive and to support public radio, KCSS "Rocks".


Student, Tyler Nyquist

Age: 19

Show Time: Modern Rock 5pm-7pm Tuesday's.

Major: Computer Science

Q: Why do you love KCSS?

A: I love KCSS because it's a great way to listen to new and unique music.

Q: Why do you love being a Broadcaster?

A: I've always been interested in radio, and being a broadcaster for KCSS has been a nice eye opening experience for me.

DJ Steve Ladonga

Volunteer, Steve Ladonga.

Age: Dirt +1

Show Time: Bluegrass - Old Time 7pm-10pm Tuesday's.

Occupation: Lead person in wine industry.

Q: Why do you love KCSS?

A: Diversity!

Q: Why do you love being a Broadcaster?

A: I get to share the music I love with my friends!

DJ Shotgun Steve

Volunteer, Steve Zelezic

Age: 60+

Show Time: Fat 1pm-4pm Sunday's.

Occupation: Music composition & Arrangement

Q: Why do you love KCSS?

A: Play what I want.

Q: Why do you love being a Broadcaster?

A: I get to kickback on Sunday

DJ Terry

Volunteer, Terry Gardner

Age: 74

Show Time: Blues 9am-12pm Monday's.

Occupation: Retired

Q: Why do you love KCSS?

A: The Variety.

Q: Why do you love being a Broadcaster?

A: I get to play the music that I like and entertain our listening audience.