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Healthcare, the Trump administration's budget proposal, religion in the classroom, and being zen. Alyssa and Nu discuss the ethical implications of these issues with Philosophy Professors Dr. Tristin Hassell and Bill Anelli.

Alyssa and Sean contemplate the intricacies of how to keep stress levels down during finals week, having a roommate, making friends, and how to balance personal and academic lives.

Alyssa and Nu breakdown getting in shape for Summer, surviving Summer Semester, and the validity of unpaid Summer internships.

Alyssa, Nu, and Noriel share networking tips, and how to handle having a roommate in college.

Alyssa and Nu discuss how to build a relationship with your professor, the importance of mentorship, and in class experiences with cell phones.

Guest Dr. Bradshaw shares ideas on to how to interview well.

Alyssa and Nu discuss the challenges of a student going to school , working, and being a firefighter. Guest Diego Mortera explains narrative.