Let's Talk about....

with Bridget Martinez

This podcast brings to light the bands that are killing it in different genres, but focused mainly on reviewing and interviewing bands that are in the Rock, Punk, Alternative Rock, Metal, Pop-punk, and Surfer Punk genres. If you like hearing about music and expanding your musical library, this is the podcast for YOU!


Episode 1 - Let's talk about this podcast

This week’s episode talks about what kind of bands and genres we will be discussing throughout the podcast. We will be talking about all kinds of bands that we think are amazing and have impacted their genres in big ways.


episode 2 - let's talk about turnover

In this week’s episode, we talk about one of the most dream pop bands in the sub-genre of pop punk. Where are they from? What are their influences? Are they amazing live? Find out in episode 2 of “Let’s Talk About: Turnover”!


episode 3 - let's talk about killah wail

In this week’s episode, we sit down with one of the coolest local bands from Modesto, CA and I’m sure many of you have heard of before and loved. Guys, “Let’s Talk About: Killah Wail!”

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Episode 4 - Let's talk about knee deep

This week, I get the chance to sit down with a hardcore punk band from our very own 209 area, Stockton, CA! Do you like punk music? Do you like to discover awesome bands from this scene? Then this is the episode for you. Guys, “Let’s Talk About Knee Deep”.


Episode 5 - let's talk about depths

In this episode, I get the chance to sit down with a hardcore pop-punk, post hardcore band from our very own Central Valley. What's better than getting to know a band that is literally in our own backyard? Check this episode out! Guys, "Let's Talk About Depths".


episode 6 - Let's talk about bed heads

In this episode, I get the chance to sit down with Turlock's VERY OWN indie rock band. Check this episode out, just two cool dudes doing what they love the most. Guys, "Let's Talk About Bed Heads"!