with Jaybanz

A podcast by Jaybanz featuring a set of colorful guest panelist. What's next? Listen to find out!


episode 1 - Christian, The Spartan

Welcome to my first podcast: What's Next?
In this first episode, I'm in the studio with Christian Perez who will be telling us about his past experience from being a "ghost" to becoming a "Spartan."
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- JayBanz


Episode 2 - characters

In this episode I sit down with Eric Perez and Michael Arzabal! Let's see whats up with these characters!! Thanks for the support!

- JayBanz 


episode 3 - bro code

This week we will be focusing on Bro Codes: the good, the bad, and the weird moments. Thanks for the support! Tell all your bros and girls! 
- Jaybanz

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Episode 4 - halloween

 (warning: parental advisory)

Join us this week in the spirit of Halloween, catch up with the awkward, scary, and the WTF moments of our Halloween. Thanks for the support!  
- JayBanz